Cloud Cities

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9/27/2015 – Cloud Cities: – Large thunderstorms roam across the hot and humid Florida Everglades, their beauty disguising the destructive force within its clouds, and the havoc that can at times unleash upon the earth beneath it. Their structure clearly visible here, Inflows, outflows and even rain shafts are visible. If you look closely at the cloud tops you can clearly see the strong, billowing, vertical motion of the updraft causing the clouds to rapidly build skyward. This flight (Southwest Airlines 1674 to FLL) flew down Florida's west coast to Naples, then crossing the Everglades on approach to Fort Lauderdale. This was shot at about 25k feet while turning to miss storms. We did fly through the edge of one, being diverted far out over the Atlantic Ocean, then back again to land. Shot with Hyperlapse @12X speed. The full video is 4:16. This is the first one minute of it. Set to the music of the Cocteau Twins – Pandora #flying #clouds #southwestairlines #thunderstorm #everglades #florida #lovefl #staysaltyflorida #naturefl #southflorida #flstofmind #cloudporn #skyporn

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Opposite Sunset.

Sometimes beauty is where you least expect to find it.


This was a sunset in late July 2013, only looking east in the opposite direction. While the true sunset was spectacular as well, this was equally as beautiful, if not more so. Looking east toward the Catoctin Mountain from the foot of Short Hill Mountain in Loudoun Valley in western Loudoun County, Virginia. Heading south on Hillsboro Road in Purcellville, Virginia at 8:34pm. The setting sun was lighting up thunderstorms off to my east near Leesburg and Lovettsville. Spectacular to say the least. I only wish I could have gotten the lighting in this photo too.


Lights from the town refracting in raindrops on the window of my truck from a mid summer’s evening thunderstorm. First photo ever posted to Instagram in June of 2013.

Spring view of a thunderstorm in the country.

Late spring evening drive in the country revealed a distant thunderstorm. The top of which was high enough to still be lit by the golden glow of the setting sun. Western Loudoun VA.