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While I will be posting most photos from Instagram to this website, not all will make the cut and get posted here. Also there are likely to be more rapid fire / up to the minute photos on Instagram, as well as a a few from my personal life now and then, but mostly I use it for photography.  Instagram is my primary photo sharing outlet along with facebook and twitter. While I may use those more frequently, this site is designed to showcase the best of my work.  The reason I don’t upload most photos, and instead just hot link to the Instagram image is that it makes it more difficult for anyone go think about using my work without permission. The images are also of lower quality, and it just takes up less space here.

While many people dislike Instagram, and call it a hipster haven and people that use it posers, I think it is a very useful platform. (yes I know its not perfect and I have cursed it out plenty of times in the past) I do like its photo sharing ability.  It is basically a micro photo blogging platform that makes it easy and fun to share photos with friends, followers,  Instagram communities, and the world in general.  While I enjoy it, it is not THE reason that I do what I do. I do what I do quite simply because I enjoy taking photos.   At any rate you can see what is the most current postings on my Instagram gallery in the side bar over here:————————————————————————————–>

Please note that you will almost NEVER see any of my photos using any sort of “filter” offered by Instagram or any other service or application.  My photos are as they were taken, or, may have been only digitally processed to adjust inherent attributes of the photo itself, such as tint, contrast, exposure, white balance….etc.  Occasionally I will also use HDR.

If you like and use Instagram, Facebook and / or Twitter, please by all means do visit and follow me on those platforms as well. Much appreciated!  ENJOY & HAPPY SNAPPING!

Places you can follow me:

Facebook: KJ Photography

Instagram: @KPJDCA

Twitter: @KPJDCA


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