Picture 20

Me standing on the summit of Hawksbill, (elevation 4,051′) the highest peak in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia in 60 MPH winds with temps in the low 20’s. BRR!

             ABOUT ME: Hello everyone.  Just a short bit about myself.  My name is KJ, but some call me Ken or Kenny.  Born in Cheverly, Maryland, just 500 feet outside of Washington D.C. on the MD / DC line. I consider myself a native of our nation’s capital city, Washington, D.C. I was raised in part there, Maryland, and Virginia.  After spending much of my life in the District and / or its very close in environs such as old town Alexandria, Virginia, to some far flung rural towns like Purcellville, Va, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where I spent threat great years. I currently reside in one of DC’s more populated, beautiful, and historic edge cities, Reston, Va.  I live here with my partner, and our 3 wonderful cats.

            While I am well traveled in the United States and Canada, I have spent much of my life exploring all that the National Capital Region has to offer from the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, and on to our wonderful Atlantic Coast. While I do love the city life, I do enjoy the country just as much. Ever since going to my uncles 500 acre full service far at the foot of Old Rag Mountain, and numerous trips to the mountains of VA, MD and WV, I knew that I wanted to live in those mountains, at least for a while anyway.

            Growing up having ties to the countryside around Washington has allowed me to gain a unique appreciation for, and understanding of, the vast and diverse region that makes up the metropolitan area of the city I have always called home. I will always love the city, especially my home city of Washington D.C. however, and remain close enough to visit it, and all of my wonderful friends there regularly.

Picture 21

Sitting on the summit of Hawksbill enjoying the view. August, 2013.

           Some of the things I thoroughly enjoy are:  A good glass of wine or a good beer, great friends, nature, gardening, plants, outdoors, hiking, biking, tubing, kayaking, music, computers, movies, travel, history, antiques, animals, the country, mountains, the weather…… I could go on, but I think you get the idea that I’m pretty adventurous. 😉  I suppose Photography is my main hobby, although I enjoy most of the other things I mentioned just as much. I consider myself an amateur photographer, but have been doing photography and taking photos for much of my 45 years, along with watching and studying the weather / meteorology, and gardening.   I am a certified Master Gardener in the commonwealth of Virginia (Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia) as well as a certified Skywarn Storm Spotter by the National Weather Service.   I created / built from the ground up the Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia website, however I have subsequently turned over much of the day to day operations of that site to our technical expert.  In addition to creating that site, this one that you are currently visiting, I do have a couple more I have created as well, but currently are sitting idle.   I also am the owner / creator of several succesful facebook pages.  Please visit my website & social media development page for a full listing of websites and facebook pages which I have created, own, and currently run. In 2017 I will be returning to school, and begin my pursuit of my Bachelors degree in Horticulture, as well as attempting to learn Spanish, and I may also minor in Photography. A fitting choice for someone with my interests and background.

            I created this simple website to showcase and share some of my photography work. It has been a couple of years since I have created a site, so please forgive / pardon me as I experiment with different designs / themes/ methods of photo sharing, etc.  I’ve always been told that “I have an eye for it” and that I’m “very good at it”.    I’ll let you be the judge of that however.  Quite simply, I take photos, and I enjoy doing that immensely.  If others can find beauty and enjoyment through the my eyes and the lens of the camera’s I use, well that is just even better. If you enjoy looking at the photos I take, please do feel free to follow my photo blog here, comment and even contact me. I’m always looking for new friends that I have things in common with, especially the outdoors, nature, photography, and weather.  Also please do visit my Instagram Gallery, and follow me on there!  You may also follow me on Twitter. Don’t forget to visit my public photography facebook page, KJ Photography. For now, I will leave you with just a couple photos of myself so you can see the person behind the the lens of the camera taking the photos you see here. Peace.    ~KJ


2 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Jane! Much appreciated and likewise! My goal is to be inspired at least on a daily basis. 😉 I have lots more to come. I’ve been snapping for many years and have more than enough photos to run this blog for years without ever taking a new photo. LOL! But I digress, I enjoy taking them so much, that just will not happen! Happy Holidays!

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