Civil War Cannons & Monument At Antietam National Battlefield

Civil War Cannon’s & the New York Monument against a cobalt blue winter sky at Antietam National Battlefiled. 1.4.2013


A beautiful, albeit frigid winter afternoon to spend at the enormous Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Washington county, Maryland. Looking down the wheels of 4 different types of civil war cannons lined up in a row, with the New York State monument in the background. It was 17 degrees F this day, and my fingers were not happy with me exposing them to the cold and wind.  The things we do to take photo’s though.  Part of the reason why I love living in this part of the United States is that this area is LOADED with well over 400 years of North American, Colonial, and United States History. For instance Antietam National Battlefield is just a short 30 minute drive north across the Potomac River from my home in Western Loudoun County, Virginia. This trip was spur of the moment as we were on our way home from Martinsburg, West Virginia after having brunch with my brother.   Antietam National Battlefield is the site of the Civil War’s bloodiest single day battle. The battle took place on September 17th, 1862, and nearly 23,000 people were either killed, wounded or missing. I will have plenty more photos to post from this beautiful winter day.


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