Best of 2013

Best photos & moments of 2013! 12/31/2013

My personal picks for my best photos / moments of 2013. What an amazing ride it has been! I never imagined that when I first started this, my first Instagram account, back in June of this year that: I would start with nothing but my photos, and gain almost 1,500 followers, and some great new friends, and that this would lead to me building this website, and my photography Facebook Page! I want to take a moment to thank all of those who have featured my photos on Instagram, added me as a member of their artistic photography communities, liked and followed & commented on Instagram, Facebook, and of course here on this website! You all make doing this great fun, worthwhile, and inspirational!!!! To all of my friends who have liked my work on my personal Facebook page, and liked my photography page, this all applies to you as well! I wish each and every one of you everywhere much success, health, and happiness in 2014! THANK YOU! Your support means more to me than you know! With that, here is the video. This is only just the very beginning…. You’re gonna hear me roar!

To see the shorter Instagram version, please visit my Instagram page.


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