Inviting Historic Small Town Spaces

Inviting Patio Swing.



Swing on an old tree at the far end of the back patio at the old Meclkenburg Inn in old town historic Shepherdstown, West Virginia.  If you find yourself in this charming and historic small town I highly recommend checking out this place. It offers the usual inexpensive, but usually good array of pub fare, as well as a very good beer selection. They do serve liquor / cocktails as well. Of course the large back garden and patio where the sing is located is better enjoyed during the warm months.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the local pub mascot. He is an aging, and very friendly cat known as “BK”, which of course stands for Bar Kitty.

You can also find a nice write up of this place, and some of the history (including civil war) behind where it is located on American Public House Review.


3 thoughts on “Inviting Historic Small Town Spaces

  1. Thanks for the info on visiting this. My husband and I are always interested in checking out new places to point our cameras at. Thanks also for visiting my blog a few weeks back and leaving me a note to come on by and check you out as well. You’re at the other end of the state from me and it’s interesting to see how different your shots are from mine.

    • Thank you for stopping by! What part of the state are you located in? I do get around a bit so some of my photos here will be from other areas of the state, and even of the country and at times beyond. Enjoy your blog and photos! I think I followed your blog but I will double check. Sometimes its not easy to find that tiny follow button. lol! I will check back for sure. Please feel free to follow here and like my posts as well. You can also follow me on facebook and instagram as well. Those are linked to here. Look forward to sharing my photos, and seeing all the great ones others like you have to share too!

      • Thanks KJ! Yes, you did follow my blog. I live in Richmond. Probably half or more of my photos are from downtown Richmond, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Colonial Wiliamsburg, or my own backyard. The rest are from around the country as well, although a lot are on the east coast as that’s mostly where I’m traveling to lately.

        While my photography is usually better than this, I took this through a glass door in my own backyard:

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